Frequently Asked Questions

What are Color Stream Graphics?

Color Stream Graphics is a website, there are making graphics for streamers. Refer to our about page for more information.

Why are we doing it for free?

Well, because everyone needs a chance to have a good stream overlay on, that’s why we are doing it.

What are streamer graphics?

Its graphic elements there are designed to be use in/on streams, to make things have a better look. Most Twitch streamers and Youtubers is using some kind of graphics to make their content look more appealing. 

Can i follow Color Stream Graphics on social media?

Yes you can follow us on Facebook, we will post everytime we make a new cool design you can use.
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Can i use the graphics on my twitch stream?

Yes you can use it on twitch and some other platforms.

Are the graphics compatible with OBS?

Yes of course.